Utförlig presentation på engelska av andra delkursen Common Challenges
(Vanliga utmaningar i föräldraskapet) del 3 i Power to Parent-serien

Dr Gordon Neufelds distance course
Power to Parent, part III, Common Challenges

Course outline for part III
Common Challenges video series

Session 1: Thinking developmentally when facing challenges

• overview of series and course
• thinking developmentally
• metaphor of the gardener
• invitation to exist in our presence
• when things get tough
• review: three part partnership

Session 2: Recognizeing the signs of trouble

• introduction
• signs of attachment trouble
• signs of stuckness
• signs of heart trouble – attentional deficits
• behavioural signs
• expanded review slide

Session 3: Living with a sensitive child

• introduction
• reasons for overwhelming sensitivity
• signs of filter problems
• why the sensitive are more challenging
• challenges for parents
• making room…

Session 4: Softening defenses in a child

• introduction
• why softening defenses is challenging
• being an effective softening agent
• protecting the child
• shielding & immunizing
• bridging separation and problem behaviour
• leading into vulnerable territory

Session 5: Cultivating resilience in a child

• introduction
• why cultivating resilience is challengeing
• getting lost tears unstuck
• scenarios that call for adaptation:
• problem with aggression
• unavoidable separation
• experiencing loss

Session 6: Leading an alpha child

• introduction
• why some get stuck in alpha mode
• alpha as an attitude
• tips for taking a strong lead
• provide more than is being pursued
• invite the inevitable

Session 7: Disciplining a stuck child

• introduction
• drama of the stuck child
• ways to compensate:
• assume responsibility
• scripting & intentions
• structure and ritual

Session 8: Putting the developmental approach in practice

• the twelwe pillars of practice:
• collecting, bridging and matchmaking
• leading, providing, shielding
• intentions, tears, tempering
• softening, structure, scripting
• becoming the parent your child needs
• being a tempered parent

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